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1. Origin

Yingge is a town which possesses over 200 years of ceramic history; currently the town has begun focusing to develop the ceramic industry and tourism. The purpose of establishing the Ceramics Academy is to convert the Yingge town into a ceramics art learning center, to emphasize the industry energy and tourism vitality of Yingge ceramics. We not only hope to create product opportunities and value by industrial promotion, but also to construct tourist features by building a diverse learning environment.


2. Goals


To promote “public education”


To strengthen “professional learning”


To establish “thematic research program”


To build an “international exchange platform”


3. Fundamental framework and planning

a. Target objects


“Public education” General public, students, and community residents.


“Professional learning” Domestic ceramic artists and industry.


“Thematic research program”Domestic and international scholars and researchers.


“International exchange platform”Domestic and international ceramic enthusiast, professionals and scholars, international ceramic organizations ICOM & NCECA, international sister museums (including museums from countries such as Japan, Korea, Italy).


b. Detail plans


“Public education”Ceramics studio’s DIY program, ceramic park’s weekend demonstration/experience program, and the ceramic community train program.


“Professional learning”Traditional ceramics learning program, instructor cultivation program, international workshops, ceramic lectures, and so on.


“Thematic research program”International symposium, international forum, thematic research, (including research on Yingge ware, ceramic technique, ceramic history, ceramic industry, etc.).


“International exchange platform”International residence program, online ceramics academy resource exchange (including sharing information regarding the international artist in residence program, ceramics competition, and international exhibitions).