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Baby Fair: Hand and Foot Imprint Experiment
Class Duration2016-10-21 ~ 2019-12-31
Focus:Infant: 0-3 year

This class is geared to parents wishing to leave an imprint of their child’s hand or foot on clay slab, as a way to capture that moment of their lives forever.
Class Schedule: Saturdays, 2015/1/24-3/28
Time: 9:40am - 10:40am, 11:00am - 12:00pm
Cost: 300NT (Includes glaze firing and framing). Additional cost for shipping. 50NT off for families that dress as a team or matching outfits.
Entry fee conditions: 1 baby and 2 parents/custodial guardians (Twins may share one material setup. Babies under the age of one enters without charge). Any non-participating children, additional family members or friends entering will be charged 30NT per person.
Baby Experiment Reminder:
1)    For the safety of all participants, babies’ temperatures will be taken, readings above 37.5 degrees or those who show signs of sickness will not be allowed to enter.
2)    Please wash hands and use the hand sanitizer before entry.
3)    Clay is safe and non-hazardous. However, please do not allow ingestion of clay or other materials and tools.
4)    Non-parental members attending, please follow directions by on-site assistants and await at designated locations in the classroom.
5)    Recommended Attire:
1.    Because babies will be making imprints of their hands and feet, it is advised they wear loose clothing that allow hands and feet to be free. (We do not recommend babies to be wearing jumpsuits as it may be difficult to remove on premise).
2.    We welcome all to bring aprons or changes of clothing. If clay does get onto clothing, it is easily removed by gentle washing.