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International Academy of Ceramics Yingge 2018
Class Duration2018-09-29 ~ 2018-10-03
Focus:General Public

The title of the Congress 2018 is called the New Orientalia, and the conference seeks to promote a critical reflection on what constitutes the oriental sensibility. What is the soul of Asia and how is it defined, interpreted and reinterpreted within the context of the global ceramic community?  Discussions might include its past, present and future while also examining its regional differences as it is expressed and redefined within the complex of Eastern cultures. How have studio practices, communication technologies, the Internet and, more recently, the phenomenon of social media reshaped and transformed the dialog with and within Asia?

Functionality addresses the practical and technical aspects of clay encompassing the aesthetics of ritual and use. Speakers may introduce examples and comparisons of functional ceramics that successfully grasp the balance or discuss theories on how to achieve this.

Spirituality is meant to focus on the intangible but powerful forces of tradition that constitute the inner nature of the culture rather than external forces. What is the artist's spirit, concept and content embedded in the work? What is the state of mind that is the personification of spiritual and philosophical ideas? Speakers may question the relationship between body and spirit, artist and medium as well as the concept of expression.

Diversity accentuates the interrelatedness of ceramics and its crossovers into other aspects of cultural expression. Local art, culture and style are expressed through diverse creative processes including design, multimedia and culture. Speakers may discuss specific approaches developed by artists to express local context and how their work might relate on an international stage.

The projected content of the Congress is as follows.

l   Exhibitions: The theme is New Orientalia. We call for works of art with ceramicsas the main medium. The types of exhibitions are the following.

Ø  Feature exhibitions: Combining the 2018 Taiwan Ceramics Biennale and the theme of New Orientalia to curate exhibitions.

Ø  IAC member exhibitions: Inviting IAC members from around the world to be featured, providing visitors with the opportunity to closely appreciate the beauty of modern ceramic art, and establishing a platform for international exchange regarding ceramic art.

Ø  Satellite exhibitions: Inviting Taiwanese art schools, galleries in Yingge, and ceramic art studios to be featured, integrating with cultural exchange to facilitate domestic and foreign visitors in appreciating Taiwanese art.

l   Seminars and educational outreach: Organizing lectures and cultural tours to share academic studies and artwork while attracting domestic and foreign visitors to in-depth cultural exchange that allows them to learn about the ceramic industry and cultural activities in Taiwan.

Ø  Seminars: Seminars during the Congress that focus on Eastern aesthetics, crossover expressions of ceramics, or phenomena and development in contemporary ceramic art circles, for exchanging opinions and ideas while promoting ceramic art.

Ø  Galas and cultural events: Welcome and farewell galas will be held for the Congress. The galas are opportunities for participants to interact, with cultural events (e.g. meditation and Taiwanese opera) planned in conjunction with the seminars.


Ø  In-depth cultural tours: Pre-Congress tour and post-Congress tour to promote Taiwanese ceramic art and local cultural exchange. The tours are expected to feature local kilns, cultural exchange activities, and ceramic art studios, with in-depth guidance and cultural experiences that facilitate the appreciation and promotion of Taiwanese culture and ceramic art.