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International Tea Ceremony Design Contest 2019
Class Duration2019-03-22 ~ 2019-11-30
Focus:General Public


Through thousands of years and across generations, oriental tea culture has culminated in the tea ceremony. The tea ceremony is a way of self-conversation and sharing with others the taste of tea. Tea ceremony aesthetics include interior design, teaware, accessories, decorations, etc., the use of these arrangements delivers the taste of the server and consideration for the guest. The entire arrangement of the tea ceremony is a demonstration of the Eastern beauty.



I. Organizers

Supervisor: New Taipei City Government

Executive-organizers: New Taipei City Government Department of Cultural Affairs, New Taipei City Yingge Ceramics Museum, Lin’s Ceramics Studio

Co-organizer: National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute

II. Submission Requirements

- Teaware and tea ceremony design with ceramics as the main material, complemented with other materials (Teaware consists of teapot/gaiwan, tea serving cup, teacup, tea basin, and tea tray. The teaware must be an original creation made by the contestant.

-The display need to include teaware, tea ceremony accessories, tea ceremony decorations, and spatial design to present the contestant’s tea ceremony aesthetics. Other elements may be used to enhance the beauty of the tea ceremony design.

-No limitation is placed on the style of the tea ceremony. Styles from classical elegance, modern technology, to fashionable flamboyance are all acceptable. However, the aesthetics and harmony of the tea ceremony must be considered.

-The tea ceremonies that pass the primary selection will be displayed in New Taipei City Yingge Ceramics Museum, so contestant must design within the dimension of the space and equipment in the Yingge Ceramics Museum.

-Tea table sizes: 182cm x 91.5cm x 74cm (LxWxH) and 182cm x 91.5cm x 53cm (LxWxH). If contestants would like to bring their own tables, the length and width of the tables must be under 200cm x 100cm.

-Yingge Ceramics Museum will provide folding chairs. If contestants would like to bring their own chairs, a minimum of five chairs will be needed.

-The dimension of the displaying space is 320cm x 240cm. For those who are bringing their own tables, chairs, screens or other installations must keep the dimension in mind and provide sufficient distance between each tea ceremony, as well as enough room for server and guests to move comfortably.

-For the primary selection, actual work will not need to be provided, 3D rendering images, photos, or any type of image that can demonstrate the whole display will be evaluated (images need to include teaware, accessories, flower design, display arrangement, etc.). The actual display and atmosphere will be judged for jury during final selection.

  1. Required equipment

-Teaware: teapot (or gaiwan) x 1, tea serving cup x 1, teacups x 5 or more, tea basin x 1, tea tray x 1

-Tea ceremony accessories: Tea pick, tea scraper, tea scoop (or tea holder), and tablecloth

-Flower arrangement, which may be designed to complement vases.

  1. Recommended accessories (optional)

-Tea ceremony accessories: Kettle, tea tray, tea canister, tea pincer, utensil rest, teapot lid rest, etc.

-2D artworks (i.e. paintings, block prints, drawings, etc.)


-Tables, chairs, screens, etc.

III. Registration Qualification

  1. No limitation on nationality, age, gender, studios or companies, submissions may be made as individuals or a group.
  2. Registration fee: Free
  3. Number of participants: Anyone can register either as an individual or as a group
  4. Number of submissions: Each individual/group may submit as many as 5 tea ceremony designs. Each tea ceremony design can only apply to one teaware design; identical pieces should not be used in the other submission.

IV. Scheduling






Until July 31st

Contestants submit 5 to 10 photos for each tea ceremony design; images can be in 3D rendering or actual photos of the pieces and display.

Primary selection

Aug. 8th-16th

A jury of 5 to 7 from fields of tea ceremony, spatial design, and teaware design is formed to select 10 designs from all the participants.

Primary selection results

Aug. 19th (Mon.)

The result will be posted on the competition page on the Yingge Ceramics Museum official website. Selected contestants will be notified via email and phone.

Installation for final selection

Nov. 22nd (Fri.)

Selected contestants deliver and install their work at the New Taipei City Yingge Ceramics Museum during this day from 9:30am to 12:00pm.



Nov. 22rd (Fri.)

Final selection will begin at 14:00 pm., contestant will need to stay during the selection and carry out the tea ceremony by using the actual teaware that was proposed in the initial proposal.   

Dynamic Exhibition: Beauty of the tea ceremony

Nov. 23rd (Sat.) – Nov. 24th (Sun.)

The dynamic exhibition will be performed twice a day




V. Registration

Primary selection

  1. Materials:

(1) Registration form, product information form, copyright authorization agreement

(2) 5 to 10 photos that clearly show the tea ceremony design, photos may be the actual product or shown as 3D rendering image (with different angles, details, and/or demonstrations)

  1. Registration period: until July 31st, 2019
  2. Registration methods:

(1) By post:

  1. Please post all the materials required to New Taipei City Yingge Ceramics Museum, address: No. 200, Wenhua Rd., Yingge Dist., New Taipei City 23942. (The registration material must be posted by July. 31th). Please write “For International Tea Ceremony Design Contest 2019” on the file envelope.
  2. Image format:

-Digital images: 300dpi, 900x1500 pixels (minimum), in jpg/jpeg format, send in a CD.


(2) By email:

Email registration form and photographs to

Any file bigger than 5MB, please upload the files to the Cloud and provide the link for download or send a CD. Please indicate “For International Tea Ceremony Design Contest 2019” as the subject of your email. The museum staff will reply within 3 days after receiving the email. If you do not receive any response in the next three days, please call (02)8677-2727 #710 or 711.


Final selection

  1. The 10 contestants selected in the primary selection may post their work to the New Taipei City Yingge Ceramics Museum (contestants shall be responsible for delivery and all applicable fees.) or personally bring the works to the museum for installation on the day of the final selection (Nov. 22th, 2019) from 9:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

- Delivery period: Nov. 19th to Nov. 21st, 2019 (a total of 3 days)

- Delivery location: New Taipei City Yingge Ceramics Museum (No.200, Wenhua Rd., Yingge Dist., New Taipei City 23942).

  1. The exhibition installation location of each design will be determined by a lot-drawing. On Nov. 22, 2019, please bring your work to the Yingge Ceramics Museum. Contestants who need the museum to install their works on their behalf must include photos of the display photo with their works..

The works must be removed on Nov. 24th, right after ending the dynamic exhibition.

  1. The final selection will begin at 14:00 on Nov. 22th, 2019 (Fri.), the finalists (individual/group) must be present to explain the concept and demonstrate how the teaware is used. They also must attend the tea ceremony event to serve tea to the museum visitors during Nov. 23th to 24th 2019.

VI. Evaluation Criteria




Management of general atmosphere


Only the works placed on the tabletop will be evaluated during the primary selection; the entire set and atmosphere will be evaluated during final selection.



Possibility for mass production and market acceptance.



Fulfilling users’ needs.



Creativity put into the tea ceremony.



VII. Award and Obligations

  1. The 10 finalists selected at Primary Selection have to participate in Exhibition: Beauty of the tea ceremony, the dynamic exhibition, and the award ceremony. Each contestant who participates in all three events will receive 10,000 TWD as travel subsidy.
  2. Among the finalists, one designer will be chosen Excellence Award, which will be awarded 150,000 TWD; two designers will be chosen for Honorable Mention, which each will be awarded 50,000 TWD.
  3. The recipients for Excellence Award and Honorable Mention are required to authorize Lin’s Ceramics Studio to manufacture and sell at least 168 tea set, the designer will receive a premium of 6% (after tax) of the gross sales. The ownership, sale’s copyright authorization, copyright authorization agreements, sales agreement etc., will need to be otherwise signed with the Lin’s Ceramics Studio. Premium should be given and carried out according to the Income Tax Act of the Republic of China.
  4. All three award recipients must participate in relative exhibitions held by Lin’s Ceramics Studio.

IIX. Award Ceremony

  1. Time: 10:30 a.m. Nov. 23th, 2019 (Sat.)
  2. Location: Lecture Hall, Yingge Ceramics Museum
  3. Award presentation 1: 7 Selected, each will receive one certificate and 10,000 TWD as travel subsidy
  4. Award presentation 2: 2 Honorable Mentions, each will receive one certificate, one trophy and 50,000 TWD.
  5. Award presentation 3: Excellence Award, one certificate, one trophy and 150,000 TWD,

IX. Beauty of the Tea Ceremony Exhibition and Tea ceremony event

  1. The exhibition and tea ceremony event will take place on the first floor of Yingge Ceramics Museum from Nov. 23rd (Sat.) to Nov. 24th (Sun.), the event will occur twice a day, from 11:00am-12:00pm and 14:00pm -16:00pm.
  2. The organizer will provide tea leaf and desserts for the tea ceremony.

X. Other Regulations

  1. If the jury finds no finalist that can reach their standards, no award will be given.
  2. Should any finalist or award winner be reported in a case of plagiarism or violation of copyright laws and is convicted in the court of law, the organizer may disqualify the finalist or award winner in question and terminate all collaborations.
  3. Should any finalist or award winner distribute false information and speech in any way or form, the executive organizer shall disqualify the finalist or award winner and terminate all collaborations.
  4. The authorization of the teaware needs to belong to one of the participating group member, he/she will be require to sign the copyright authorization agreement in the attachment.

XI. Notices

  1. The organizer retains the right to revise the content of this sponsor project.
  2. The selected works and matters regarding production, sales, and exhibition in collaboration with Lin’s Ceramics Studio shall be finalized in a separate agreement.
  3. Designs that have been entered into other contests may enter the International Tea Ceremony Design Contest 2019 with consent from the organizers of previous contests.