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Museum Guide Reservation

Provides several types of guided tours
  • Scheduled Tours With Museum Staff
    1. Free for groups less than twenty members and individual visitors on the day. Before each tour, please register at the info desk on the main floor. First come first served.
    2. The tour is between 45 and 60 minutes.
    3. The schedule is listed below. During seasonal events, the adjusted schedule will be posted.
        Monday - Friday Holidays
      First Tour 11:00 10:00
      Second Tour 14:00 11:00
      Third Tour 15:00 14:00
      Last Tour 16:00
  • Self-guided Audio Tour
    1. The audio tour is available in six versions: Mandarin, Taiwanese, Hakka, English, Japanese, and children's.
    2. In order to service ceramic lovers, starting 2008, the YCM will provide free audio interpretation services for visitors. Showing of ID at the 1st floor information desk is required to borrow the self-guided audio player for free, and just enjoy the wonderful permanent exhibition at the YCM.
  • Self-guided Tour via Cell Phone
    1. The recording is available in Mandarin and Taiwanese only.
    2. Dail 0935120909 from your cell phone.
    3. The cell phone tour does not have additional charge. The user only pays 5 cents per second.
    4. While in the museum, the cellphone can only be used for the tour recording. Please do not use the phone for other purposes so not to distract other guests.
  • Reserved Group Tour
    1. Criteria: Older than grade one and more than 20 people can register for free.
    2. Times: 9:30-12:00, 13:00-17:00, Tuesday to Sunday and national holidays; each tour is half an hour to an hour in length.
    3. How to register: Please register two weeks ahead of your visit so we can prepare adequately. Phone our travel agent at 02-86772727, extension 710 or 711, or register online. Our travel agent can also arrange a half-day or whole-day visit.
    4. At the confirmed time of the visit, please report to the info desk on the main floor on time. If you will be late for over ten minutes or need to cancel your trip, please phone ahead. Those who are late for over half an hour may not receive their guided tour.
    5. There are several different topics and levels of guided tours. Please inform the museum or specify in the registration form the level and topic appropriate for your group.
      • Topics:
        • Comprehensive Tour of the Permanent Exhibitions(45 to 60 minutes)
        • Age-appropriate Tour for Middle and Elementary School Students (25 to 30 minutes)
        • Tour for Students with Special Needs (depending on the arrangement, 30 to 60 minutes)
        • Hands-on Experience Tour(45 to 60 minutes)
        • Specific Tours of the Permanent Exhibitions:(each topic is 25 to 30 minutes)
          • The Development of Taiwanese Ceramics
          • Gramma's Kitchen
          • Traditional Buidling Tiles
          • Yingge, the Ceramic Village
          • Prehistoric and Aboriginal Ceramics
          • Industrial and Precision Ceramics
          • Traditional Ceramic Techniques
        • Tour of the Seasonal Exhibitions on the Third Floor(25 to 30 minutes)
        • Tour of the Museum Architecture and Public Art(25 to 30 minutes)